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The first set of SoulStar Cards

These cards are MAGICAL!!! They are alive with Universal source energy, they have a life of their own! Keep blowing us away, hope they do that for you too!

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The story behind SoulStar Cards

Five years ago I kept getting positive affirmations flow into my head and they became an idea, make a set as cards, what!

I have never considered myself creative so how on earth… well the Universe leads and has and still is all the way as these cards have a mind of their own!

Slowly but surely through, in and around my twin flame’s (tf) continuous breakthrough healing’s these cards came into fruition. OH MY GOODNESS ME!!! As I type an ‘ah-ha’ moment – these soul messages came through me at the same time as my tf had their Angel experience, the experience that brought through a flood of art from out of nowhere, they were in sales for over 40 years! As the soul messages started to form into what they now became I wondered… could my tf do the artwork? Oh yes they could and they did! The crystal in the Faith cards is replicated from the one which I was guided to place in their hand to help healing assimilate prior to leaving them to rest on the eve of their Angel experience.

A year ago, in August 2018, there was one card remaining and try as they might no artwork would come. I realised why. I sat and sat and sat with this until it came, change the card completely and try do the artwork myself. Well WOW Universe came up trumps! This card and it’s artwork became the 13 Chakra card about grounding and also the ‘ah-ha’ can be the cover and back card artwork too.

I set too in finding a way to get these out there for All. With no money, in a debt relief order and still believing my tf and I would soon be back living together I found inside of me a flurry of creativity. I started talking to people who maybe could help, all the while tweaking the aesthetics of the cards (bit of old perfectionism kicked in lol); tried a Kick-starter campaign where I was looking to produce 500 sets plus advertising and marketing, £1,600. I also had the prices for the printers minimum that I could order… £444, yes the Angel number 444! I was hoping to have the card sets ready for people to buy as gifts for their loved ones in time for December. I had shared these with many friends and colleagues *along the way – OH MY as I type! another ‘ah-ha’ realisation… *along the way is the title of one of my tf’s artworks. Everyone, even those who didn’t really understand the cards were blown away by them.

So it got to the 11th hour, the website was live offering pre-orders, the following day was my last chance to go to print. Keeping my faith trust and belief, for after all that is the name of these beautifully Divine cards, I received a phone call at 18:20 pm on the eve before from an ex client who is now a dear friend. Chit chat away, catching up together we talked of all sorts. They were interested in the cards, had seen the prototype before, asked how much I needed, I passed it off chatting away yet they were insistent. So “how much do you need?” I said, “£444” and they said, “it’s yours, I’ll be there in 10 minutes” WOW WOW WOW! What, now that IS Universal MAGIC!

So the cards came into being, they are out there living their life. I believe they were ‘before their time’, until now, and am always in absolute AWE at the divine messages that so fit for all who choose to try them.

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