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Faith | Trust | Believe

Pack of 37 cards including mini booklet.

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These cards are MAGICAL!!! They are alive with Universal source energy, they have a life of their own! Keep blowing us away, hope they do that for you too!

These ‘Soul Messages’ first came into creation over 4 years ago, and only a few hours after ‘punching the air’ in glee when finally finished, in pops the message, “There are readers out there waiting to use these cards.”

In divine synchronicity less than 12 hours later I bump into a dear friend, who happens to be a ‘reader’. Having my computer with me as was going to go to the library whilst my car was in for MOT, instead, we went for a cuppa and a catch up. The cards came into the conversation and we looked at them together, WOW, my friend started to ‘read’ and give me messages from them straightaway! Then as the final aesthetic tweaks are being ironed out before going to print, GOSH, through our challenging life experiences, realised that we have unknowingly created a modern-day divination tool, WOW, how cool is that!!!

So here, just for you, are the ‘Soul Messages’ sent from Universal energy for you to read and tune into for yourself, and for those who would like a little more we have added our thoughts and feelings.

It is important to always go with your own touch, feel, truth, sense of meaning, taking whatever feelings come to you first when gazing on the cards, as this is how these cards work – the Universe wants you to take your own interpretation as true for you. Our thoughts are only a guide, You are the Creator of Your Own Destiny. Look too for synchronistic signs if you choose the same number cards, as your soul is speaking to you.

Knock the deck 3 times to clear the energy before shuffling. Thinking of what you wish to know, choose however many cards you feel right for you, in any way that you feel drawn.

ISBN: 978-0-9547113-2-0
Artworks ©AJart
‘Soul Star’ Positivity Cards ©PosiTone® 2018


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